Traditions and Excellence

Viking squadron is rich in history and tradition. We are bonded together by a common desire serve our community and country. Our task is to successfully carry out the missions of the Civil Air Patrol. Our squadron is comprised of both senior members (ages 21 and over) and cadets (ages 12 to 21). Viking is one of the best squadrons in the Minnesota Wing.

Aerospace Education - Model Rocketry
Under our Aerospace education program we educate cadets on the fundamentals of flight. The model rocketry program is a part of that program. During the summer cadets participate in the launch of rockets some requiring airspace clearance from the government.

Cyber Patriot
The Air Force Association Cyber Patriot program gives cadets the opportunity to learn and compete against other students at a national level. Cadets gain valuable computer skills and knowledge as well as furthering leadership and team work capabilities.

Orientation Flights & Flight Training
Cadets of the Civil Air Patrol have the unique opportunity to fly airplanes with experienced instructors and pilots. Each cadets can receives 5 hours of orientation flight training paid by the Air Force. Subsequent flight training towards a private pilots license is at significantly reduced rates.

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